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who ate all the (mince) pies

Looking Back – 9 in 9, not 10 in 10, The New Style

OK, excellent. It’s a New Year so what better way to celebrate than blogging about the few, shabby runs completed in December. Since my last blog (grumpy, anti-car, icy etc.), I’ve managed to fit in a couple of runs. Both of them felt quite tough owing to
a) The paltry amount of running carried out throughout December
b) Only running approximately a 10km distance on any of the runs (meaning that as soon as I try to go further, it becomes much, much harder)
c) Carrying, what feels like, an additional 30kilos consisiting entirely of Mince Pies.

I’ve vowed to get back training as much as possible as I have 2 Half Marathons in the first 3 months of 2010 (Wokingham in Feb, Lisbon in March) and also vowed to update the appearance of the blog. I have found a lovely new layout and just need to find out how to upload the wretched thing. I’ll also update all the links and try and make the whole site just a bit nicer to use. The content will, regrettably, still be my ramblings and occasional misanthropic rantings… so apologies for that.

So, looking back, I completed 9 races in 2009 but doubt very much I’ll complete 10 in 2010. I am still toying with the idea of a Duathlon… Hmmm. Tomorrow, I will attempt to blast away some of the mince pies cobwebs and get myself out of the 10km rut with an ill-advised 10 mile run around beautiful South London with Hauling My Carcass. Wish me luck…

Until then, all that remains is to wish you all a Happy New Year, thanks for all your comments and for reading the rubbish I churn out.

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Stick Pins In Me, Why Don’t You! – The Taper Starts Here – One Day I Will Learn How To Use WordPress Properly

Last week, I visited my osteopath as I had a “mystery” pain in my shoulder which appeared over a couple of days and then seemed to decide that it wanted to stay. After a few sleepless nights, I realised that it wasn’t going to disappear by itself so made the appointment to get it sorted. Afterwards, it was unbelievably sore and stayed that way for the best part of a week. When I went back to see her today, I explained how sore it had been. She immediately got to work and massaged and cracked me to within an inch of my life. She then decided that to finish it all off, I needed needles stuck in me. Now… osteopathy with an acupuncture chaser seems to have done the trick (at least I’m not close to tears like I was this time last week) but it got me thinking how someone would even contemplate curing you by sticking pins in. It’s almost like deciding the cure for sore eyes would be to rinse them with lemon juice. Anyway, a little “off topic” but it has been rattling around my head so thought I’d share it…

Yesterday was another psychological hurdle for me as I ‘d decided that I needed to run a 10 miler before the Fleet Half Marathon in 9 days time. Once again, the aim was not speed or grace (and believe me there was neither) but to do the distance, without stops and without injury. I was a little hesitant about it before I set off and the first 5 miles were a grind but something happened around the 6 mile mark and I seemed to hit my stride. As I ran back along the towpath and towards the sunset I actually had one of those moments where I realised why I enjoyed running so much. The last few weeks has seen such an increase in the amount of miles covered that it has felt more like a chore than anything enjoyable but now I feel that Fleet is acheivable, suddenly the training has begun to be enjoyable again. The plan is for a shorter run on Sunday (8ish miles) and anorther shorter still (min 4 miles) mid week and then I should be set for Fleet on the 15th.

10 miles – 95mins 40 secs – average of 9m 34s per mile

Like I said, not speedy, but I can work on that now I know I am back up to completing the distance. So, 10 miler done, shoulder kind of fixed and I also learnt what a “pingback” is (thanks JogBlog).

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