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juneathon day 27: be prepared

Just as the under-endowed man overcompensates with a big car, my inability to run has caused me to overcompensate by performing 2 seperate Juneathon relevant activities in one day.
As it was forecast to be hot today, descending into heavy rain and storms from mid-afternoon, I thought I’d get some exercise out of the way early so packed myself off into the garage where the weights and bench live and spent an hour repeatedly picking up and putting down heavy objects. One hour later, sweaty and a little shaky, I returned to the house, showered and started work. I was glad to be working from home today, it was really muggy out and the thought of having to travel into London on the motorbike, or worse still the tube, was something I fortunately did not have to worry about.
This evening, SonNumberOne was to do his cycling badge at cubs so I volunteered to cycle with him and his friend to the feild where the Cubs were due to meet. I dropped them at just before 7pm, leaving me an hour and a half to kill before having to pick them up. As the predicted storms had not arrived, I could not think of a better way to kill 90 minutes than just riding around on the fixie with no particular destination. So I set off on a meandering and random route which ended up being 32.77km by the time I’d collected the 2 cub scouts, now both proud recipients of their Cycling badges


juneathon day 25: unexpected setback and partial fail

Guess who is back from the Urgent Care Clinic at his local hospital? Yep, me. That’s who. I stated before starting Juneathon that I wondered how long it would be before I “crashed and burned” and now I have the answer although the cause came from a surprising source.
Yesterday mornings cycle was trouble free, even enjoyable. And the run from the night before seemed to have had no ill effect on the Juneathonitis of The Second Metatarsal. In fact I was contemplating doing another short run today until…
I was walking around the house yesterday morning and SonNumberTwo walked up to me. He stood facing me and took each of my hands in his. Then, without warning, he jumped in the air and landed with his feet on top of mine. This was obviously supposed to be a precurser to me doing the “walking backwards with his feet on top of mine so I was making him walk forwards” kind of scenario. All it actually succeeded in doing was making me yelp with pain like a shot dog as a stabbing/burning sensation went through my right foot.
The rest of the day was spent tentatively walking around whilst full of ibuprofen. By the time I caught the train home just before midnight, the 2nd and 3rd toes on my right foot were filled with a burning, tingling sensation and painful. Not good.
This morning they were no better so I packed myself off to the “Urgent Care Clinic” at the local hospital – a kind of A&E for minor injuries but without the 3-5 hour wait. The staff were really excellent – seeing me within 5 minutes of my arrival, whisking me off for an x-ray before plonking me back in front of a nurse who discussed the x-ray with me, told me it was not broken or fractured and packed me off with good advice and a leaflet on soft tissue injuries. The whole thing took less than 45 minutes.
The bad news is that I cannot put any pressure on it for 24 hours, ruling out a run or cycle today and effectively ruling out running for the rest of Juneathon. The nurse thinks I damaged the tissues by landing on the sticky-out-tree-root last Saturday, which was almost healed when SonNumberTwo landed on it, damaging it some more.
So I had to content myself with doing some weights, a little bench pressing, crunches, pull-ups – free-weights are something that I enjoy doing but have taken a back seat this month as I have concentrated on running and cycling. I did enjoy it but am still a little unhappy that my vow to run in the Vibrams or cycle each day has been scuppered at this late stage. Still, with 5 days to go, perhaps I can alternate between cycling and free weights…


arrivals and departures – Sore – 99 Problems And A Beach Ain’t One

With an impending holiday, the time goes slower and the number of things to be compressed into the time increases. What was supposed to be a leisurely few days finishing off at work has turned into a lesson in cramming. And tomorrow was supposed to be my “mopping up” day – getting all the loose ends tied – that will now consist of store visits in the morning, taking photos and making notes for the presentation that I have to now write by close of play tomorrow. There is a nagging thought that once the presentation is written, no-one will pick it up and it will sit untouched until I return, but that is not a risk that I am in a position to take.

The big crush started over the weekend when I, suffering from one of my frequent bouts of restlessness, decided on Saturday afternoon that I needed to do something physical. If I don’t expend physical energy on a regular basis I become like some unbearable hyperactive child and fairly unpleasant to be around. So I packed myself off into my garage where there are no end of weights to heft around to burn off some tension. An hour or so later and bored of repeatedly picking up and putting down heavy objects, I jump onto the fixie for a quick hurtle around which seemed to do the trick and I was once again at peace.

Sunday morning is “long run of the week” time so aimed for 10 miles. The previous days exertions were not the best preparation for a long run having worked both upper and lower body and the 16.7kms completed started fairly easily but very soon became a battle with shoulders, chest, biceps and thighs all sore from Saturday. The remainder of the day saw me shuffling around with the strange knackered / dehydrated feeling that I usually reserve for the day after a half marathon.

After a sound nights sleep, my body seems to have repaired itself and some excellent news around lunchtime (Welcome to the World, George Caleb Bailey) lifted my spirits further. I just need to power through tomorrow, pack the bags and I’m ready to go. I’ve been checking the map of our holiday location and reckon that the beach is a reasonable, runnable distance away (there is a shuttle bus for normal people) that could be my daily run – usher the family onto the Shuttle bus and then race it to the beach.

OK… the suitcase beckons.

Soundtrack to this post: Steroid Maximus – Chain Reaction


no time like the present

Gym’ll Fix It – That’s Gonna Hurt – The Elusive Century

Since ruining a part of my back and the subsequent slow (partial) recovery, I have been unable to exercise with free weights. I’ve been using weights for about 17 years and this period of enforced abstinence is the longest I think I’ve ever gone without. I’d been toying for the last few weeks with the idea of trying to exercise with weights, but a combination of fear and twinges and aches had held me back. Today’s so-so weather coupled with a blustery wind didn’t inspire me to get out and run, I’ve done too much cycling already this week and the absence of any aches, coupled with a free hour this afternoon prompted me to, literally, dust off the weights and bench and get to work.
Firstly, I had to carefully remove a good portion of the weight as, after 3 months or so, I knew I had become much weaker, especially around the chest and arms so was super careful whilst bench pressing. I had visions of lifting the weight off the rack, lowering it and then finding I could not get it back up and being pinned to the bench. The first few sets were difficult, the arms struggling to remember exactly how to push the weight back up, but once warmed up, the whole thing became a lot easier.
I managed about an hour of fairly light weights and high repetitions, which was a revelation for me because I had always tended towards heavy weights and low reps, but the session left me feeling satisfied and reassuringly shaky – the sign of a thorough workout. I’m sure I will ache like anything tomorrow having shocked some muscles back into action after a 3 month sabbatical, but I have managed to complete my first proper free-weight workout for a long time which should make the next one less daunting.

A couple of hours later, feeling sufficiently recovered, I attempted some crunches and press-ups too. I am still aiming for 100 consecutive press-ups by 30th June but am finding progress past about 70 very hard. Still, I have 11 days left so had better get busy.

Juneathon Stats: 1 hour free-weights, 4 sets of press ups – 70 / 60 / 50 / 50 (230 total for day), 3 sets of stomach crunches – 100 / 100 / 100 (300 total for day)

Soundtrack to this post: Storm In A Teacup – Red Hot Chili Peppers

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