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juneathon day 16: bikes, boats and bovines

Having spent all day staring at the uninspiring screen of the laptop, I was delighted when it finally stopped raining for long enough to get out for a spot of Juneathoning. And I’d been promising SonNumberOne that we’d go for a bike ride so that is what we did. We set off along the canal towpath that has been the scene of many a run throughout June. Firstly we came across these little beauties that featured quite heavily in last years Juneathon activity…

Bloody Hell! Cows! Hundreds of 'em!

Then we saw some of these…

Before stopping at the furthest point on our out and back route…

A total of 18.01kms on the bike. Yes, I know today was supposed to be a run day but my right foot still hurts and I just couldn’t summon the enthusiasm. Besides… a run on my own or a cycle ride with my Son… no contest.


sod’s law

Not once, but twice. Twice I have been the victim of unfortunate circumstances and both times it was whilst out exercising.
A cheeky lunchtime run turned into some impromptu training for Grim when I got halfway along the towpath by the river on the return leg of my usual 10k route to find that it is blocked as there is some sort of “work” going on. I use the term “work” loosely as there was no sign of any sort of labour taking place, or indeed any labourers, just a gated off section of towpath, a laminated notice saying the path was closed for “work” and another laminated poster with a small map and a line in pink highlighter marking an alternative route. An alternative route that would take me back the way I had just come so I decided to ignore the map and duck into the field on my left and follow the river. What I hadn’t banked on was the muddy, marshy and rutted surface of the field, that and the smaller tributary streams that soon served to cut me off from my chosen path and began to lead me further from my intended direction. After a large amount of walking and jumping over boggy patches whilst avoiding cow-pats and trying to work out which direction would get me back on course, I clambered over a barbed wire fence scampered across a field full of cows and was finally back on track. A little over an hour and fifteen minutes after I left for a “quick 10k”, I was back home.
The second jinxed bit of recreational exercise was Sunday morning when, as pushed for time, I thought I’d skip my long run and instead kill two birds with one stone by taking a ride on my recently completed fixed gear project. I’d taken my time getting it stripped down, powder coated and reassembled with some carefully chosen components so was looking forward to getting out and giving it a proper try-out.

It wasn’t the first time I’d taken it out but it was to be the first ride of any real distance as I was planning about 10 miles.
Once out, I was enjoying nipping along when, about 4 miles from home, I got a puncture in the rear tyre. Annoying as I hadn’t bought a puncture repair kit, spare tube or anything with me. Doubly annoying as I had splashed out on some tyres with built in puncture protection and some self sealing inner tubes that were supposed to “seal a puncture before you knew you had one”. Pah! Still, the 4 mile walk home with the wounded bike must have burned some extra calories.

Soundtrack to this post: Wiseblood – Motorslug


hello trees, hello cows

I thought I’d take a little trip to see my old friends The Cows again today and was pleased to see that they are still as completely disinterested in me and my Juneathon efforts as I am in them and their cud chewing. Today was a deceptively warm run as even though it looked cool and overcast, it was still warm and when the sun broke through the temperature instantly soared.

With one more day of Juneathon remaining, I was thinking back to last year and how different it was. The weather, for the most part was very changeable with some real downpours. And I found it harder too. Partly because I went at it like a bull in a china shop, running longer distances and then feeling very sore for days after despite interspersing the running with cycling and weights. I remember stairs became a major problem towards the end.

In some ways, deciding to run each day this year has made it easier. I’ve no need to ponder or decide what today’s Juneathon activity should consist of, it’s just a case of working out when the run can be squeezed into the daily routine and how far I should go. And by keeping the runs fairly short, I seem to have avoided too many aches and pains and also the boredom of having to grind out a long run each time I leave the house.

So, one more Juneathon run remaining tomorrow, which will almost definitely be an evening affair due to work commitments. Today’s run of 7.31kms brings me tantalisingly close to the 200kms but will still require me to put in a few kms tomorrow to reach my target.

Juneathon so far: Run – 197.49kms / Cycle – 116.34kms


a new goal?

After another early night yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling much happier than I did when I went to bed yesterday. And my body was feeling well rested too. So much so, that I thought I may as well get today’s run done whilst it was still fairly cool and I was in the mood. As an added incentive, I thought I’d tackle the Field Of Cows again. This time I’d see if I could outwit them – if they were hanging around the gate waiting for me the other evening, surely I would have the element of surprise this time by running through the field in the morning. I set off ensuring that I wasn’t wearing anything remotely red. It was still a hot and sweaty run (I’ve noticed a strange phenomena this Juneathon… my elbows drip sweat when I run. I swear I’ve never had this before – I shall continue to monitor this) and by the time I got to the Field Of Cows, they looked beaten by the heat too. All sat down at one side of the field, they lazily watched me plod past. Over the railway line and I was on my way back home. The legs are still harbouring all manner of twinges and aches but they don’t seem to be getting any worse so I’ll take that as a positive.

7.11kms was run today and as I walked back to the house I was doing a little bit of mental arithmetic. I have 5 days left of Juneathon, so far I have run 166.43kms. If I can just run the equivalent of 6.72kms over the next few days, I will have completed 200kms running in a month.


Juneathon so far: Run – 166.43kms / Cycle – 116.34kms


some cows and a chicken

After the Best Nights Sleep Ever, I woke today with surprisingly OK feeling legs but very sore neck and shoulder muscles from my day in the saddle. 8 hours in front of the computer did not help the situation and by mid afternoon, I needed to get out and run just to loosen everything up a bit.

I really wanted about 10kms and had a route in mind but I needed to be quick as I had to be back in time for SonNumberOne and SonNumberTwo’s return from their swimming classes. The route was a loop, heading out along the river and under the bridge where I would turn round and retrace my steps before heading off through a field, across the railway track and then back through town and home.

After reaching the bridge and doing a quick about turn, I veered off into the field. About a hundred metres in, I suddenly realised that there were cows in the field, standing right near the exit I was aiming to use on the opposite side. I wasn’t sure if I should carry on as there was about 30 of them but they are not usually known for their aggressive behaviour. Although, they are big. And there were lots of them. And I was wearing a burgundy running top which could perhaps look a bit red and maybe cows are like bulls and are angered by the colour red. So, being fundamentally cowardly, I turned round and ran home the way I came meaning today’s run was 8.15kms.

Juneathon so far: Run – 137.57kms / Cycle – 116.34kms

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