juneathon day 13: an anniversary of sorts

I’m rubbish at statistics, but my WordPress Dashboard reliably informs me that this is my 200th post. That’s 200 little parcels of gibberish that, over time, I’ve left on your virtual doorstep, rung the doorbell and then run away sniggering.

200 posts since February 2009… put like that it doesn’t sound quite as impressive. Anyway, today against my better judgement (but with an eye on the schedule for the rest of the week), I went out for a run. Legs were still weary and calves still tight from yesterday but once I started, I felt reasonably ok so decided on the out and back loop following the river. This has become a Juneathon staple but serves a number of purposes. It is long enough to feel like I have actually put some effort in. It is varied and / or pretty enough to stop me getting bored and it is a route I know so well, I can effectively let my mind wander and let the legs and the subconcious get me home. And it’s 11.1kms to add to the Juneathon tally.
The rest of the week looks like this: Bike ride Tuesday, Run Wednesday, Run Thursday, Bike Ride Friday, Run Saturday and then to round off the week The London To Brighton Bike Ride on Sunday. And after that we are into the final third of Juneathon.

Thank you for all the comments and feedback over the past 200 posts. Onwards to the next 200…

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