Product Review – Polaroid Vector 99 Sunglasses

It has been a little while since I’ve posted here. There have been many, many things happening – most of which you will hear about in subsequent posts. That is not to say that I’ve not been running… au contrere, I have run on a number of occasions and I’ve been testing the Polaroid Vector Sunglasses that I got sent a few weeks ago. In order to give a proper judgement, I felt I needed to test them throughout a spectrum of conditions so they have accompanied me on runs and cycles in differing circumstances.

The glasses come with the basic Polaroid “sunglass” lenses and also 2 additional sets of lenses – 1 clear set and one “amber” set for low light conditions. Also supplied is a soft fabric drawstring bag and a rigid glasses case that holds all the components snugly. This hard case is very, very useful if like me you are prone to grabbing all your running gear and throwing it into a bag – if the glasses case ends up at the bottom the bag and the trainers, running gear, Garmin, mp3 player etc. all sit on top, the rigid case ensures that the glasses remain intact.

The glasses themselves are very lightweight: rubber pads at the bridge of the nose ensure they sit comfortably whilst adjustable rubber grips can be positioned along the straight arms of the frame to ensure a snug fit behind the ears. These adjustable grips are actually incredibly useful as they keep the glasses in position close to the face and ensure everything stays put when sweaty. Lenses are easy to change – they simply clip into the channel above the bridge of the nose.

The glasses look very sleek and aerodynamic too… the design is somewhere between The Terminator and The Tokyo Bullet Train and even if glasses are unlikely to actually make me run faster, these would certainly make me look faster. A couple of my excursions were early morning runs and consisted of gloomy, overcast runs, bright sunlight and a combination of light and shadow when running along tree lined country lanes. The Polaroid “sunglass” lenses did a good job keeping the brightness of the sun at bay and increased the contrast of light and dark far more than my usual tinted sunglasses. This was particularly useful when out in the VFF’s as it allowed me to see and avoid small objects (stones, acorns etc.) that I would normally not have noticed until I had landed on them. In lower light conditions the amber tinted lenses again accentuated the light and dark but also made everything appear slightly brighter than normal. I’ve yet to test these out at night under streetlights so will have to plan a few night runs in the near future.
One of the handy things (and I’ve no idea if this is my idea or if this is by design on Polaroids part) but by supplying a soft drawstring bag, I am able to take an additional set of lenses when I go to run. So I would set off with the “amber” lenses as it was overcast and when the sun came out, take the tinted polaroid lenses from the bag, swap them over and continue to run in the sunlight. The changeover takes seconds and, with practice, could probably be done whilst running. The unused lenses then go back in the fabric bag and fit neatly into the small zip pocket in my running shorts.
I like these glasses – they are nicely designed and functional. They stay put even when you are drenched in sweat and pounding down an incline and the lenses are great and easily changed to suit the conditions. I usually wear glasses whilst running and am used to having to reposition them regularly throughout my runs – the nice thing about the Vector 99’s is that I could put them on and then forget they were there.


1 Response to “Product Review – Polaroid Vector 99 Sunglasses”

  1. 1 Dan
    October 28, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Out of interest, how much did you part with? I could of course google this, but thought I’d ask you as the easier option. I ask because I don’t go out on the bike without glasses, not necesssarily to keep the sun out of my eyes, but tree branches. I don’t spend much money on glasses because as a result, they don’t last unscratched for long – I’ve even resorted to using B&Q’s own brand safety specs before now, and at £3.50 they can’t be beaten!

    [edit] I’ve just realised, the answer to my question is provided in the link supplied. I’ve taken the time to write this now however. Good work my friend!

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