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The Day Of Rest? – What Is The Sound Of One Foot Slapping – A Helping Hand

After my 10 mile extravaganza last week, I wanted to maintain some momentum and do another longer than normal run on Sunday morning. I fancied about 13km but was feeling a bit bored of my usual routes so was frantically trying to think of an alternative. When SonNumberOne asked me what he could do on Sunday morning as he had nothing planned, there was the sudden sound of 2 birds being killed with one stone. I suggested he cycle along with me as I had been tinkering with his bike the previous day, it would be a chance to see if his gears were working again, it would occupy his morning and give me something different to concentrate on whilst running. He agreed so we set off on, what turned out to be, a 13.3km run / cycle.

He is always good company and running along with him on his bike, even if we are not constantly talking, is always a pleasant experience. It also means that people walking towards us often offer up a little smile when they see the 2 of us approaching… much nicer than the usual response of them trying to avoid eye contact with the sweating man lurching towards them.

It also gave me the chance to listen to the sound of my feet as they strike the ground. I am planning on getting some Vibram Five Fingers at the end of the week so was trying, once again, to alter my gait so that I am not, literally, pounding the pavement.

Runs with SonNumberOne often end up low on sporting acheivement (it is hard to run a fast time when you are shuffling sideways and shepherding a boy on a bike across each road you come to to ensure that neither of you get run down.). They are however packed with insight and pearls of wisdom from an eight year olds psyche. Towards the end of the run, after talking about bicycles, school, camping, aeroplanes and a million other things, I was reliably informed that a “robot exists that will do all your housework and cooking for you”. Apparently it is “packed with sensors that mean it can navigate around the house to perform tasks” and was invented “about 2 years ago” and “we could buy one”.

“Would you really like a robot in the house doing all the cooking and cleaning, though?” I asked.
Son NumberOne looked thoughtful, like he’d never really considered the option of it being in OUR house, just that it was a good invention. “Hmmm… No, I don’t think I would like a robot in our house. Unless….” he tailled off.
“Unless what?” I asked.
“Unless it could do my maths homework for me”

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peer pressure

Guilty Conscience – A Life Less Blogged – Coke Fiend

Having been preoccupied with a myriad of things over the past week (work=silly, social events=pleasant, Juneathon Party In The Park=fun, Public Image Limited at Shepherds Bush Empire=loud), I felt I should perhaps go for a run today. Not that I haven’t been running you understand. But I haven’t blogged about the runs I had done. And I didn’t blog about the Juneathon Party In The Park on Saturday when Fitartist was awarded her Juneathon prize, we put faces to names, had a little run around Hyde Park and then had a picnic. And because I didn’t blog about the Party In The Park, I haven’t had a chance to mention that (almost) everyone present has decided to join myself and Hauling My Carcass in the mud-fest that is Grim…. Hooray!!!!

And because I didn’t blog about the runs that I did (a 10km evening loop, a 6km morning run and the 5/6ish km that we did in Hyde Park), I thought I should make amends and go for a proper run. Not a fast run but a decent distance. Yes, that should clear my conscience. So I set off this evening after a day sat in front of my laptop for a 10 mile run. I haven’t done this far in ages and with hindsight, perhaps I should have worked up to it. Despite it being overcast, it was still deceptively warm and not thinking, I’d set off without any water. And without a clear route in my head. This meant that I was a) very thirsty and b) having to silly little detours and loops towards the end to make up the distance as when I was on my final approach to home, I was still about 3 and a half kilometres shy of my intended distance. This made for a frustrating end to the run as I was tired, thirsty and running unnecessary loops less than a kilometre from home.

Oddly, towards the end of the run (and this is not the first time this has happened) I began to crave Coca Cola. It must be my body crying out for liquid and sugar and caffeine as I’m not usually a massive fan of it. Maybe next time I’ll just take a water bottle with me.

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time off for good behaviour

Back To Normal? – Meh! – The Running Bug Drug

After Juneathon, I thought I’d take a few days off from running and allow my body to repair itself a little bit. I’d hoped that I would stop feeling so tired, hungry and thirsty all the time and that some of the aches and pains that I’d accumulated over the month (and that I’d gotten used to) would slip away. I was really happy having run every day for a month and was looking forward to not having to.

But a very strange thing happened. I did stop feeling hungry and thirsty all the time and some of the twinges did subside but after a day of not running I began to feel strangely disinterested.
In everything.
I seemed to have lost my energy. My get up and go had got up and gone. And I couldn’t even summon the enthusiasm to do anything about it.

By the Friday evening, I’d decided that maybe I needed to get exercising again but didn’t want to run as I felt my “running muscles” still needed to recover. Maybe a cycle would do the trick…. so a 12 mile round trip on the fixie was done. Hmmm… a little better. But still feeling a bit “flat”. So I gave it another day and then tried some weights. Hmmm… Still not great! Odd though as throughout Juneathon, I had looked forward to the time where I could mix it up a bit and trade a run for a ride on the bike or free weights.

So yesterday, with the opportunity to work from home, I took the chance to go out for a cheeky 10.8kms at lunchtime and after the initial protests from the legs (NOOOOoooooooo… not this running thing again!!!!!), it all felt very easy. Once back home and showered and fed, I felt like my mood had lifted. I was CURED!!!

I suspect that my body had become used to the exercise every day, the increased exertion and the endorphins chemical reactions that go on when you run and I’d gorged on those for 30 days and then suddenly stopped. And the sudden change of routine, the free time, the lack of having to rush to run and blog… Perhaps Highway Kind has the right idea with his 30 Days In July. Maybe relaxing the rules about blogging but continuing to do exercise every day is the way to avoid the Post Juneathon Blues and slip slowly back to normality.

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