I wanted a short run today. I’ve run nearly 70kms since the beginning of June and my little legs are protesting. After completing all of my Saturday tasks, I’d worked out that I could watch all 3 World Cup games and run in the gap between Argentina vs. Nigeria and England vs. USA.
So, around about 5pm, I got changed and set off on what I’d planned to be about a 4-5km run. I switched on the Garmin and thought about a route I could run. But… in the excitement of the past few days, I’d neglected to recharge the Garmin and it was giving me a “low battery” message. Did I have time to go home and charge it and risk missing some of the evenings football? I certainly couldn’t estimate how far I’d run. I could run a route I know and then go home and map it on Running Ahead and work out my distance that way or… I could just run a tried and tested route that I already knew the distance for. Unfortunately, that meant a repeat of the run I did on Monday which was 6.35kms. Oh well… that’s just what I’d have to do.

So as punishment for forgetting to charge the Garmin, I ended up running about 2kms more than anticipated. My legs feel constantly heavy but, like Sorelimbs, after the first mile or so the niggly aches and pains go away.

So, I know how far I ran as it was a carbon copy of Monday’s run. As for time, I’ve no idea. It didn’t feel fast but it didn’t feel too slow either. Maybe, like baby-bear’s porridge, it was just right.

I’m off to charge the Garmin now…

Juneathon so far: Run – 75.65kms / Cycle – 12.6kms


3 Responses to “flat”

  1. 1 travellinghopefully
    June 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Casting off the shackles of the Garmin is splendid as a one off, but what would we do without the comfort and reassurance of the lovely graphs?

  2. June 13, 2010 at 10:17 am

    The legs are beginning to protest a bit now alright – an epsom salt bath does wonders though…

  3. 3 eatingtrees
    June 13, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Travellinghopefully – You’re right. Occasionally, I like to run for the Hell of it. But Juneathon requires a certain accuracy… I just wish I knew how to get the bloody graphs off of RunningAhead and into my blog!!

    Breandán – I may have to try that. My calves are protesting, the knees are becoming a little troublesome and there are even a couple of niggles creeping into the buttock and lower back region. Aaaah, Juneathon…!!

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