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Bowing To Peer Pressure – The 10k Playlist

It took some thought and a little bit of tweeking but this is the playlist that accompanied me last week on the Wheathampstead 10k and will accompany me on Monday when I tackle the BUPA 10k with Hauling My Carcass. Click on the songs to hear (and see – sorry about some of the videos!) them for yourselves.


The first 5 tracks are just tunes that put me in a good mood and bring a smile to my face whenever I hear them.

James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good) – What better way to start??

MSTRKRFT – Element Of Danger – And into the second kilometre with a bit of twisted disco. It even has cowbells on it. Nice!

Marc Bolan & T Rex – 20th Century Boy
– The sound of my childhood…

The Cramps – What’s Inside A Girl? – Always brings a smile to my face and is just the right tempo to run to.

The Specials – Gangsters – My mis-spent youth (sigh!)

From here, I’ve put in a few uptempo and harsher sounding tracks to stop me from getting complacent

Killing Joke – Tension

The Horrors – Sheena Is A Parasite – Like a shot of espresso (mmmmm!), at 1 minute 42 seconds, this may be small but packs a punch.

Crystal Method – Weapons Of Mad Distortion

This (all things being well) is my halfway point. The next 2 tracks are fairly quick in tempo. I know that if I can run to the beat, I will have picked up the pace slightly and this is where I need to be for the next few kms

Asian Dub Foundation – Flyover

Kosheen – Hide You

Once again, a few more aggressive sounding tunes to keep the adrenaline going and hopefully me on track

Rage Against The Machine – Pistol Grip Pump

Slayer – Threshold – the testosterone literally drips from this track and it always makes me chuckle and pick up the pace

The Prodigy – One Man Army

By now, the end of the race should be no more than 10 – 15 mins away so treat myself to a couple of guilty pleasures.

The Meters – Just Kissed My Baby – This is the funkiest track ever recorded. Ever. End of.

Reel 2 Real – I Like To Move It – I know, I know… Just don’t tell anyone about it, OK?

The finishers…

U2 – Elevation – My two sons (aged 3 and 7) have cultivated a strange fondness for the works of Bono and Co. This reminds me of my boys and is suitably uplifting.

Sam & Dave – Soul Man – If, by this point, I haven’t already finished, this should give me the necessary push to get me over the line.


1 Response to “our little secret”

  1. May 22, 2009 at 11:01 am

    So I know about a third of them, most of which are pretty cool in my own personal and deluded opinion but seriously… U2 near the end!?!?!?!?! The only effect this would have is making me fly off into a screaming/random/madness rage as if I was being attacked by the world’s biggest swarm of killer bees! I reckon your theory is to try and finish before that one comes on! It’s the only reason I can possibly think of! See you Monday Sir!!

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